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Thought I'd pass this along ---   Fundraiser going on for animals in shelters.

1 tag purchase = 1 animal gets food, shelter, and medical treatment.

You get a pet ID tag for your pet.

Win / Win

Hoping to power signal boost the event since it's all limited time
Feel free to pass this along in your own journals / Facebook / wherever.

Their partners / Shelters and Rescues they support:…
Well snap.    I didn't expect to wake up on a Tuesday morning and have a Daily Deviation on the kitsune lady!

Commission: Firefly Kitsune - Nyx by frisket17

Thank you all!     :D

Thank you to 3xternalResourc3 for suggesting and PixlPhantasy for featuring!

(Totally have a few more firefly foxes on the backburner too)
Ok.  I'm wanting to do some learning on how to better construct backgrounds -- namely city/urban dwellings and room compositions.
Buildings are a big hurtle for me currently.   I've heard using 3d programs like sketchup and blender can be helpful - but I'm looking on tutorials on how best to use these programs.   -- Are there others you'd use?

If you've other tutorials or brushes or any other items helpful, it's all greatly appreciated :)

I've been trying to get my WOW Model Viewer to work again.  Admitted, I've not actually opened the program in a very long time (year plus / have not upgraded since MOP)

When trying to load from Warcraft files, it produces the error:
Fatal Error: Could not read data from MPQ files
Please make sure World of Warcraft is not running

The game is not running, nor is bnet. 
Is this due to it being an old version of WMV?  
I do have my saved MPQ files that show alpha worgen -- And this is the prime reason I want to get WMV up and running so I can dabble with more edits.

Any suggestions or help appreciated.  I tried looking online, but those that had similar issues seemed to be years old - didn't seem to correlate with my issue.
I thought WMV did not need to be manually updated --and ran off files. I've also read (and I hope this isn't true) that MPQ files are no longer being used and that's the source of issue?

Any help appreciated!