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September 9, 2009
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Worgen Female - Airesy Test 2 by frisket17 Worgen Female - Airesy Test 2 by frisket17
Another Female Worgen test. I've been playing with facial structures/features and anatomy. I'm liking the anatomy to be more of a lanky monster than too humanized. This way, the form functions bipedal or on all fours(akin to how the worgen in game usually run).

I personally do not think the worgen females should have a defined female chest. It doesn't make a lot of sense. After all, they'll have a human form to be '" prettied up' by. Give me my snarly monster.

Either way, a grouping of little doodles I've done smashed into one picture. I'm partial to the one of her chewing on a lollypop. I'm liking the range of emotion gotten in the face. Two snarly faces were done to play with how slim/chiseled I wanted the feature. The newest was the one done on the upper left hand side, and the jaw structure is definitely more defined in my eyes.

Oh well. Take it or leave it. Test sketch #2.

Airesy©Melissa O'Brien 2009
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Evilzoroark Mar 25, 2014  Student Writer
ulvar Mar 27, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey! May I borrow a few poses itself for a drawing off my own? I suck at expressions, and these are perfect. I will of course credit you!
for the holidays he gave me his bone.... a dog bone.... what did you think I.... oh
andefox3 Nov 26, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
um Hi, i was wondering if i could have permition to use this for a body structure for one of my characters?
blackwolfqueen72 Oct 26, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Hi hi~, I really love your art and this is the first time I fianlly said this, but I was wondering, can you make the body stcuture for the worgen, I was going to try draw it and put down my charater from wow. I LOVE YOUR ART SOO MUCH :iconhearticon:
Hey there. Thank you very much for the compliment :heart:

However, I'm not sure I 100% understand your question? :)
blackwolfqueen72 Oct 26, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
well, I have a really hard time trying to make an werewolf or worgen body structure, like with the little bubbles for the head and I try to make the mouth and thats the part where I messs up baldly. So yeah haha...I seen your really good art and I love how you make the best female worgen's I love it :iconhearticon:
So darn cute, if this creature was real, I'd have absolutely no choice but to hug and squeeze it until its head popped off.
helasz Aug 27, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
I think worgen should have a tail.
LittleMissUnholy Nov 28, 2011  Student General Artist
I love your style! :la:
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