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This post is to gauge interest, and to get a feel of who may be interested in this.  At this time, we do NOT have a date for opening.

In my personal experience, RP (and visa versa) breeds art.      It was one of the biggest reasons I started drawing when I was little.  I wanted to illustrate the stories I helped create.  I wanted to design new characters to fit into these worlds.   I started MU*s when I was 10 or 11.     They are a great way to interact with others in a way that is NOT based on a Forum, Skype, Discord, AIM or email.     

For sake of discussion, while MU* is an umbrella term that encompasses MUCK/MUSH/MOO/MUD, I'm shortening to reference only MUSH.  
They are mostly one in the same, just different coding types.

I had talked with old friends and it was talked about potentially introducing newer generations, who seemingly don't know of MU*s, to these wonderful social games.   After all, they are free to play, inventive, and limited only by your creativity and effort.    They are a great way to find new friends, inspire, and play.

(sorry if anything was missed. If anything was, please asked for clarification. This was the SECOND writing of this post. First post got eaten)

What is a MU*?

From Wiki:  In multiplayer online games, a MUSH (a backronymed[1] pun on MUD most often expanded as Multi-User Shared Hallucination,[2][3][4] though Multi-User Shared Hack,[5] Habitat, and Holodeck are also observed) is a text-based online social medium to which multiple users are connected at the same time. MUSHes are often used for online social intercourse and role-playing games,[6] although the first forms of MUSH do not appear to be coded specifically to implement gaming activity.[5] MUSH software was originally derived from MUDs; today's two major MUSH variants are descended from TinyMUD, which was fundamentally a social game.[7] MUSH has forked over the years and there are now different varieties with different features, although most have strong similarities and one who is fluent in coding one variety can switch to coding for the other with only a little effort.[7] The source code for most widely used MUSH servers is open source and available from its current maintainers.[7][8]

Ok.  Cool.   Now what does that all mean?
In a nutshell, it means you have a character account, log into a client, and are involved in a text-based interactive environment.   Yep.
Some of these games are old.  How old?  Well the Pern game I started out on was old back when I joined in 1991...  It still runs to this day (Harper Tales)
Basically you have a character, can write/set a description and power sets, and interact with singular or multiple people within the client and RP.  It's a scrolling text page.     There are other resources out there that better explain this (including in the resource link)

Why is it better than a forum?   It's live.
You don't have to wait hours, days, weeks for someone to respond.   It isn't out in the open for the world to see and isn't permanent.   
People DO take logs (ie: recorded RPG sessions) and share.

Things to come: Theme

The theme of the game will be a blending of X-Men: Evolution / Wolverine and the X-Men. 
Roughly between end of Season 3 and start/middle of Season 4 of Evolution, and then bits of Wolverine and the X-men.

The decision to do this was a simple one.  It gave a firm timeline, a centralized location, and a broad age range (from highschooler, college, adult, and beyond) allowing folks to sort of find niche they are comfortable with.  Also the fact that the show gives a limited power range (IE you aren't watered down, but you aren't Comic Book heavy).   

Additionally the theme allows people to catch up fast.   What do I mean?   Well Marvel has been running how long?   How many characters does it have?   A lot.   Had we done the Comic theme, or even some other themes, there'd be too much going on to be a cohesive game.   Also the fact don't need to run through hundreds (thousands?) of comics to catch up and fit in.   
Wolverine and the X-men ran for 1 season.  All on Youtube.
X-Men: Evolution ran for 4 seasons.  All on Youtube.

Helper Recruits:

The game is in the infantile stages.  We have our server, and the basic coding.  We are currently working on building the world/rooms around it, as well as setting up systems to get this game going within not too long of a time period.  
We are happy to accept volunteers -- Especially those who either have experience with MU, or would like to help write descriptions, news files, or help manage a few items.   If you are interested, please NOTE me.

We also encourage spreading the word.  I know many people still use RP Forums, so feel free to test the waters and invite folks from there to here.  We're happy to have all caliber of RPers join, and helpers, to make this a successful game.

Cast Call:

There will be the ability to play OCs and FCs. 
OCs - Original Characters   (your own RP characters you design up)
FCs - Featured Characters (IE canon characters like Cyclops, Scarlet Witch, Toad, Beast, etc)

There is no place holding, and we're working on how the FCs will be assigned.  Most will be first come first serve, with the emphasis on a good application and time dedicated to actually interacting with others.  IE: can't just name squat. 
The game will look for various factions, and people who will want to run the tiny plots within the group, as well as help run larger (this is an Out Of Character (OOC) position) and could carry over to In Character (IC).     IE: If you want to play Emma Frost and run the subplots for Hell Fire Club? BRAVO. You can.

There will also be room for villains, heroes, civilians, and those who just say screw the world (IE: Morlocks).  
It you are interested in help fielding a faction, helping run anything, or want to pre-apply for something, please Note me.

Questions and FAQ?

If I happened to miss something in explaining something, or you have questions/concerns, please feel free to let me know.    We're hoping when we do open, we'll be able to quickly populate (hence the promo of this journal) and would like to work out any kinks prior to opening. 

Resources and General Information:


United States

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Artaith-21 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2015  Professional General Artist
I need to watch you color hair, like, a million times
CloudBurst618 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi Frisket, I would like to ask about commissions. Do you do them? If so, what price range am I looking at? Because I really like your work and I have a fursona in mind that I'd like to have drawn, but I just didn't know if you did commissions or not. :P
Rianach Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi there! Just curious, do you run an Instagram account for wolf rp'ing? I've seen someone post your "kite-German shepherd" piece and when I asked if they had permission, they claimed they drew it. If this was you, I'm totally sorry for bothering you, but I'd rather be thorough!
frisket17 Featured By Owner Edited Aug 7, 2015
Nope, definitely not me :)
I do not have Instagram
Rianach Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome, thanks for letting me know! Are you okay with them using your personal characters for RP, then? If it wasn't you XD
frisket17 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2015
Sort of case by case.
As long as they're not claiming to me/ claiming they drew it, I'm fine with it.
If they ARE doing the above, then that's concern.

Do you need an instagram account to view said page/account?
CopperPumpkin Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Not sure if you're aware, but someone has posted your work as their own:…
frisket17 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2015
Thanks for the heads up.
Will admit very curious about their title.  Did someone say they did that for them, or are they saying they did that for someone else?
But thank you again! :heart:
CopperPumpkin Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm actually unsure. Someone pointed out that page to me and I dug through there and saw your piece. There's a ton others I recognize too.
thebigjb Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2015  Professional Artist
Thanks for fave'ing my X-Men avatar set!
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