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Ok, so I've basically decided I want to start fleshing out my video game collection.  I've gotten lucky here or there.
While I know I can look on Amazon, Ebay, and other Gamestores, some of the fun of finding these are through Yardsales or what not. 
IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING let me know.   For some items totally would be down for doing ART FOR GAMES. 

Currently Have :
  • Sega Game Gear
  • Gameboy (yes, the gray brick of doom)
  • Gameboy color   (sweet sweet purple)
  • Sega console (totally found at a goodwill, working, for $9!)
  • Nintendo  (my original copy, still has box and receipt taped to it from back in the day. Ha.)
  • Game Cube

I used to have a Super Nintendo System, but I've no idea what happened to it.  Between moves and my mom's basement, not sure where it ended up.  It's one of those things that is a mystery and bugs me -- SO may be looking for a replacement for this.

Currently Hunting:

  • Nintendo 64   (big want, with Mario Kart.. best platform for that game ever)
  • Super Nintendo
  • Wii (eventually, no rush for it)
  • Need Sega Console controllers.   Debating on getting the 'new' remake ones, or if should hold out to find old originals  (opinions on this?)
  • Dream Cast (eventually). 
  • Games for the platforms I have.. and eventually ones I don't.    (I'd like to find a Zelda copy for Nintendo one day. I've NEVER played it.)
  • Extra controllers for the items I have, or backup cords.  (Why not. Seems like a smart idea to have these things on stock)

Advice section (more questions may be added later as I remember them)

  1. I've been eyeballing Ebay lately and came across a console I'm interested in.  However it says 'Japanese Nintendo 64'.  Does anyone know if these are able to be played over here or are there different outlet or converter things needed to make them compatible?
  2. While hunting, is there any games or items I should keep an eye out for that may be hard to find or should be an instant snag?
  3. Is there a console I'm forgetting I should get? 
  4. Any general suggestions on maintaining, cleaning, or other FAQ stuff I should be aware of for the older systems?

Latest finds and scores:
Totally got Jurassic Park and Altered Beast for Sega.   SO EXCITED. 

Wish List Games   (casually updated)

  • Mario Kart for Nintendo 64
  • Zelda for Nintendo
  • Pink Panther (goes to Hollywood, maybe??) for Super Nintendo
  • Mario (forget the specific name, generic one that came with it) for Super Nintendo
  • Game Genies for the old systems


United States

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kazerxestelaris Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2016

Friend, you are copying to your drawings.

Amiga, te están copiando tus dibujos.…

dirty-dove Featured By Owner May 29, 2016  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Omg I can't believe you're still around! <3 It's fantastic to see you're active after all these years. Yay!
Rai-Draconfyre Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi there Frisket! I am wondering if you do commissions as well. I didn't see you answer CloudBurst618, so I thought I'd ask for myself. I was looking at getting some templates for a site I want to make, and would pay for each lineart for the templates accordingly. I would need dragon, wher, firelizard, gryphon and wyvern. I've been following your art for a long time now, and love how good you've gotten! Please feel free to message me, I would even be willing to give you my Skype to talk about this. Very much hoping we can work something out, your art is fabulous and of course I would give you full credit on the site. :) Thanks so much for your time, 

~ Ruriko aka. Rai
Artaith-21 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2015  Professional General Artist
I need to watch you color hair, like, a million times
CloudBurst618 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi Frisket, I would like to ask about commissions. Do you do them? If so, what price range am I looking at? Because I really like your work and I have a fursona in mind that I'd like to have drawn, but I just didn't know if you did commissions or not. :P
Rianach Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi there! Just curious, do you run an Instagram account for wolf rp'ing? I've seen someone post your "kite-German shepherd" piece and when I asked if they had permission, they claimed they drew it. If this was you, I'm totally sorry for bothering you, but I'd rather be thorough!
frisket17 Featured By Owner Edited Aug 7, 2015
Nope, definitely not me :)
I do not have Instagram
Rianach Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome, thanks for letting me know! Are you okay with them using your personal characters for RP, then? If it wasn't you XD
frisket17 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2015
Sort of case by case.
As long as they're not claiming to me/ claiming they drew it, I'm fine with it.
If they ARE doing the above, then that's concern.

Do you need an instagram account to view said page/account?
CopperPumpkin Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Not sure if you're aware, but someone has posted your work as their own:…
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